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Walk – Take a Minute - Breathe

Verdant greens, gnarly browns, shaded hues galore.

Breathe it in, soak it up, walk and see some more.

Sauntering, strolling, stepping out – sounds, sights infuse the mind.

Time to breathe, time to slow, time to think about.

Mind released, marinating thoughts, the beauty releases ideas.

Chirping, chattering, creaking, cracking, all attune the ear.

Connecting freedom, soaring far, the thoughts connecting sky,

Tuning in, breathing air, musings start to fly.

Calmer now, frustration seeps, heaviness descends to ground,

Oh fluttering leaf, twisted twig, teeming life abounds.

Crisp, cool air on kissing skin or rays of heat relax,

Stepping on, shoulders ease, rhythmic bones on track.

Go sever ties with blaring noise and screens that blind the eyes,

Open heart in open space explore the breadth of skies.

Tune in to rhythm, the riot of colour, the changing seasons can heal,

Breathe deep and see how nature digs down to dive for its next meal.

Bend, touch an aged bark or stroke a swaying grass

Connect and smell the brilliant blooms and in their fragrance bask.

Vision changes, undulating hills, trickling streams walk by

Deeply breathing effort made to reach the other side.

Fresh focus now, the steam released, the thoughts float freely by,

Now sinew and skin aglow with vigour, feelings mounting high.

Amble on, heart open wide, for rest to settle in,

Moments gathered, priceless time to create anew within.

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