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MindBody Publishing interview Jody Burton

Jody Burton is a Librarian who has worked in both public and college libraries. Prior to this, her background was in adult education. She has always had a passion for Black History and Art. She completed her degree in Caribbean History in the 1990s in North London and her PGCE at the University of Greenwich.

Co-author of Black London: History, Art and Culture in over 120 Places alongside Avril Nanton, Jody is by day a bibliophile working in both public and college libraries. Her has a background in adult education but has always had a passion for Black History and Art and completed her degree in Caribbean History in the 1990s. Jody shares all this and more in her interview.

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MindBody Publishing Interviews Jody Burton

It was an absolute delight to interview Jody Burton about her Black London: History, Art and Culture in over 120 Places. Her passion for Black history was seriously infectious. Jody became frustrated by the lack of Black British history books available, particularly during Black History Month when the default still appears to be Black American history. She believes history is about recognition, respect, and the representation of all our stories and so, for her, Black History is British history in all its challenges and triumphs. It was whilst Jody was on a historic London walking tour that she met Avril Nanton, a black history presenter specialising in the African Caribbean history of London and well the rest, as they say, is history – pardon the pun! Their book was published on Windrush Day, 22nd June 2021 and provides a list and guide of black landmarks in London – many I am sure we all walk past without realising their amazing history. I learnt so much and I am sure you will too.

I am pleased to add that since the interview, Jody and Avril have released a second book Black History London Map: Guide to Black Historical Landmarks in London that features 50 locations, descriptions, original photography, and an introduction to the history and impact of Black people in London, from the Roman era to Black Lives Matter. It even includes a pull out map for get your walking boots on and go discover Black history in London!

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