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MindBody Publishing Interviews Kelly Chester

MindBody Publishing is continuing its series of video interviews with authors and writers to bring you a flavour of their work and the highs and lows of being a writer. Next in our series is Kelly Chester.

Author of Unfiltered and co-author of Wild Women Rising, Kelly’s bio notes her as tenacious, with boundless energy and an unstoppable, ‘watch me’ approach to life. She never gives up and as a born leader, is relatable and down-to-earth. From spending just a short time with her I can confidently say it is all true!

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We hope to offer some light relief, and interesting reading together with some author led reassurance, hints, tips and invaluable advice straight from the horse’s mouth. If you are an inspiring writer, we hope these video interviews offer you support and encouragement. As well as the video we provide the interview transcript if you prefer just to read about it.

Interviewing Kelly Chester about her book journey also gave me some insight into her no nonsense view on life. Kelly has tackled her personal challenges head on and talks with unflinching honesty about what it is to be neurodiverse. I was fortunate to hear first hand from Kelly what this has meant to her and how she has embraced it. Leaning in to being neurodiverse and dyspraxic, Kelly is highly intuitive and inventive. As a result she has developed creative ways of handling the writing process, teaching exercise and being in the world.

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