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Use Your Words – Hugging with Words

Quite apt around Mothers Day...

Is there a voice that you absolutely love to hear - a voice that brings joy to you? Whose dulcet tones can soothe your savage beast?! Some people seem to have a voice that exudes a tone that vibrates and meets us on a level that just taps in and can cut through all the noise. We hear it and stop and listen. I am sure there is many a newscaster you can think of whose voice has gravitas and authority. And, of course, there are singers we will listen to for many an hour. Here’s a thought though…What about your voice? Do you think it has the same effect?

In The Calming Book of Healing Hugs, Karen and Devon Burke speak about how listening to a soothing voice might be the only hug we need sometimes. Whether you are having sad day or even on a happy occasion, hearing the voice of someone you love when they are not physically able to be with you, is all the balm you need.

We spend an awful lot of time online engaging digitally with each other. We are of course not going to knock the advantages of that because without online platforms we wouldn’t be able to reach as many of you as we do. What we do want to emphasise however is the enormous power the voice has. The voice brings an element of real communication and real connection with each other and with ourselves. Our voices, our words can reach others in ways a text can’t – no matter how well-meaning its message. The addition of oral communication simply reinforces the emotional content of a message.

Our voice is the main communication tool. Its sound and melodic tones give features to our language that go beyond simple cognitive communication. It translates feelings, emotions, more than word content. Voice, spoken language, and communication are closely related. Voice researcher Ana Rosa Scivetti says, “It is possible to see how an emotional status modifies the speaker's expression, and, at the same time, it produces effects on the hearer behaviour and spirit."

This really resonated with us at MindBody Publishing. We are, of course, all about the written word and supporting you all in getting your book stories out there, but we also recognise the power of hearing the human voice in feeding the spirit. Think of everything you learn by listening to someone talk. Not just the content but often their accent, their happiness, their fear, their love will be conveyed through their voice. You can also tell if someone is smiling when they speak which is truly wonderful. Voices can create empathy and understanding. They transmit emotion. We are wired to feel each other this way so we should definitely use that to our advantage if we can’t be with the ones we love.

Our vocal presence can be just as crucial as our physical presence. Our own dulcet tones complement our messages with our intentions. We are more likely to resonant and energize our friends and loved ones and bring a lasting impact with our voice.

Whether we want to tell them…

“You are amazing”

“I appreciate you”

“You have my love and support”

“I’m sorry”

Whether the words are lively, funny or simply sharing your day, you will make someone’s day.

So, all this to say, send someone a voice note, or just pick up the telephone and call them. Tell them what difference they make to you, and you will make a difference to them. Hugging with words – who knew!

Until next time, MBP

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