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Have book will travel is all about walking with guidance. Paying attention to life’s lessons and learning from them in order to help move you closer to the person you want to be. The person who can take on life’s challenges, keep calm and carry on! Sometimes we need some help to do that, and books are a great way to walk with guidance. We can turn to them in times of need for advice and support. If you’ve never thought to do this, we have a great book recommendation coming up.

First, we just want to say that we can get better at managing our lives if we start applying the lessons that life invariably throws at us. Everything that happens to us can be a lesson if you:

1) Pay attention

It’s all about our perception. When we focus on the things we have and are grateful we are able to move forward with positivity. However, if we focus on the negative, then more negativity follows. You get what you think you deserve. It becomes a self-fulfilling happy or vicious circle.

Of course, some of you will say that you are trying to stay positive and growth-oriented, yet things still don’t work out. So now what? Well, life is not a straight line. We will have good and bad experiences and sometimes when we least expect. All we know is, your perception of the journey and the attitude you have can determine how you feel about it. If you are willing to learn and pay attention to the things around you, you will easily handle every obstacle on your way.

2) Adopt a learning attitude

Because of the way life is, we are constantly in a state of learning and growth. Of course, we learn in the conventional way through our school education, but you also learn from life’s lessons - you learn from yourself. Everything around you, the things happening to you will provide lessons as long as you are willing to accept new experiences and skills.

Some of us, do not realise how much we are missing out by not having a learning attitude. Some are ignoring the obvious or obstinately choosing to be ignorant about the things surrounding them and wondering why things are not progressing in the way that they hoped. Notice the patterns. If you choose to learn, from them, then you are already on a good path towards mindfulness and self-revelation. You are one step closer to your ultimate goal in life, understanding, peacefulness and happiness.

Ok Ok, we get its all easier said than done and some of us may need a little help and guidance getting to this point. What help is there? Well, some self-promotion here because our book recommendation to help guide you toward this goal is Building Life Muscles: Stay rooted, build emotional stamina and improve your resilience by our very own founders Karen and Devon Burke.

Building Life Muscles talks about how to build emotional stamina which means having the resilience and strength to deal with all the emotions that you feel and deal with on a daily basis. It is easy to feel overwhelmed by or bogged down with repetitive thought patterns or behaviour. If you can build emotional stamina, you will gain the strength to manage daily stresses more effectively and recover more quickly from challenges when they arise.

Those repetitive things like dealing with bad relationships, one after another. Choosing bad jobs that you are not content with, waking up every day feeling like something is missing. These are all messages but if we don’t realise, they can get us down and we can struggle to cope. We may start turning to or reinforcing bad habits like drinking or even retreating into ourselves as ways to cope, but these are not the answer.

Unless you recognise your patterns and understand that nothing is coincidental, these things will keep happening until you pay attention and learn your lesson. A way forward is to want to make a change. Again, this can be easier said than done. Building Life Muscles can help you tap into those mindful and positive resources that can result in change. Helping you to find them in your own your mind, body and spirit while building those important life muscles to keep you moving forward to the you you are looking for.

Take a punt on our book and move you closer to the person you want to be.

See you next time, MBP

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