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The birthing of MindBody Publishing

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

We are always looking at how we can serve the community. So whilst we were busy writing a book, I, Devon, came to realise that there is an author in everybody, to be able to help release that writer in people who may not even have dreamed of this or had the opportunity or felt the confidence to do anything about it. It's about giving power to people to unleash the author stirring inside 'I have a book in me', 'I have something to say to the world'.

We are looking at books within our remit of therapies, relaxation, uplifting stories, health, well being, healing, education, self help, even workshop manuals, stories, and also poetry. So we have an open door for a discussion around what you would like to do with your writing.

We are a powerhouse and believe 1+1 = 3 however we have just started on this part of the journey into the unknown, so if you want to journey with us, explore and look at new ways to do things, we welcome you. Let's see how it unfolds...

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