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5 tips to staying well whilst pushing ahead with your goals

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Someone asked me the other day, "how do you fit in self care or even sleep with all the things you do?" I had to think about that one as it has changed throughout the years, depending on if I'm pushing hard 24/7 on a new project or enjoying the respite of achievement for that project. However recurring themes have been:

  1. Grounding

  2. Exercise

  3. Power hours

  4. Listening to the body

  5. Break times


- with music; inspirational talks; medi-pray. This quiet time, helps to keep us balanced and in touch with our true self. Medi-pray is a combination we made up to bridge the gap between meditation and praying. Whatever you call it, when we do go into quiet times; stillness, it gives us a chance to recalibrate ourselves and fine tune our thoughts, allowing space for creativity to flourish.


- indoors or outdoors especially a walk in nature. We all know how much exercise can help us, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. It gives us time to think which in turn helps to bring forward solutions. Nature also has a calming, healing effect on us; going back to the earth; slowing down, to see nature unfold in perfect timing.

Power hours

- doing core concentrated work in 'peak' time. Whether that is writing or pulling together a sales pitch, whatever is necessary to help us move forward, it's easier if we get these things done when we are alert and sharp. Mine is the early morning, my partners is either dawn or midnight! Find out what works for you, that is your peak time. Sometimes for busy households you may have no choice but to get up or stay up when everyone else is pre-occupied, make it a habit and it soon becomes less of a chore.

Listening to the body

- as soon as you start nodding off in the evening, go to bed to sleep! My mum used to do this, I used to think it was really early but who knew what she had been through mentally, emotionally or physically that day - four girls and a husband later. Actually when I went up to say goodnight she would often be there with a book or the bible in her hands before going to sleep. How often do we listen to our bodies? When its time to work we can often push through but not forever, it does take its toll on the body, so before our bodies say 'no more' maybe we listen in the now.

Break times

- breaking up the day E,G. stretching, talking to others, lunch, dancing or walking really works. This also includes holidays whether home or away as it gives ourselves time to regroup and refresh in mind and body. Even within each day we can set our phones to remind us to say, eat! (yes, it happens to alot of people, especially when doing long hours or on shift work where snacking takes place rather than sitting to eat lunch for 30 mins). What's more important our health or work? Without health we have no work.

Discover what works for you and rearrange your life to make it really 'pop' for you, your family and your lifestyle. If anything is a priority e.g. writing, family, business, do those things first in your day or week as there will always be 'things' to do but think about whether they are actually getting you closer to where or who you want to be, If not, do something about it!

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