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Many have found this last lockdown the hardest. We are all weary with getting our heads down and 'just getting through the day'. Many conversations are shorter as there is nothing left to talk about!

We are fed up of not being able to connect physically with loved ones with a hug. Even if you aren't the 'huggy type', it's quite remarkable how much touch (or lack of it) has an effect on our wellbeing. Even observing two humans touch influences us and has a profound effect, we can understand and feel some joy of watching a hug taking place, although not a substitute for the real thing......for the moment it will do.

Karen and Devon’s new book just launched called The Calming book of Healing Hugs, explores this and they share the Healing Hugs that they have received over the years, especially from families and friends but also through learning to give themselves a self-hug.


An article in the Guardian shares our sentiments!

Lost touch: how a year without hugs affects our mental health | Life and style | The Guardian

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