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The Calming book of Healing Hugs #healinghug

"It isn't where you came from it’s where you're going that counts."

Ella Fitzgerald

At last! The book is out and about on Amazon! It take ages to bring the book concept together, then it take ages to write the book, then it takes ages to edit it (and you still sometimes miss something!), then it takes a while to navigate how to put it onto Amazon, my word what a journey already it has been.

Then, hear this!!!! You have to sell the d*** thing!

Just like with anything in life, it takes persistent effort to sow the seeds to reap the rewards and see the growth. However, if you never start and sow the seed, you will never know the world of possibilities that could open up for you. You may look at others and think, wow, they have done this and that but they also, had to start somewhere and do one thing at a time (unless they have an army of people of course!). So, start somewhere, take the first step, one day at a time and see what grows. It takes patience and determination but go ahead, try it and don't forget to give yourself a Healing Hug along the way.

Extract from the book:

Why we need Healing Hugs

Healing Hugs make us feel good!

A Healing Hug can help us to feel safe, to feel supported, to feel accompanied, so we know we are not alone. It can help us to feel like somebody; like we belong. It can also help us to feel rewarded, justified and loved, as well as building trust and confidence in people and within ourselves.


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