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Power Up your writing, get the best team you need

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

While we were scribbling, contemplating, writing scripts, notes and paragraphs during the lockdown of 2020, we knew that in order to align our previous, current and future work for all the businesses, products and content we had already, we needed help. We were writing but we were writing about everything under health, well being and personal development all in one book!

We needed help to see the bigger picture and have a book plan in place which would come from a place of truth, match with our core values and create greater intellectual property all at the same time. We already had help from a great VA who suggested that we work with the London Writer's Club.

Of course, we looked up a few people but when we had our first meeting with Jacq, I think we were hooked. She understood exactly where we were with our products, previous content and what we were trying to do to bring it all together cohesively. We invested our time and money, working with her over a period of six months, not only to drag the best writing out of us but also to help us decide the what, the why and the so what! This helped us to narrow down our writing and improve the content, producing our first book together (Karen & Devon), called 'The Calming book of Healing Hugs', which we decided to self publish and is now selling on Amazon and on our website Paperback version. It is current, relevant and in line with our ethos of how we run our complementary therapy centre.

Jacq is a great person to work with, who listens to details. Our time with her, forced us to work hard, be consistent in our writing and never leave a stone unturned in examining and re-examining the work. She worked with us intuitively, asking us pertinent questions and pushed us to put our best out there. We would highly recommend Jacq and hope to work with her again on future projects.

Teamwork makes the dreamwork! Corny phrase but we have found this to be true in business as well as in life. No one person is an expert at everything. We need other people to be the best at what they do, so we can be the best at what we do. Even if it means an investment of your time or your money, if you put the effort in, it can help to reap rewards in various ways, improving yourself as a person along the way. No person is an island.

Lean on others, learn from others, ask for help, get the help and Power Up your writing and your life!


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