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MindBody Publishing Interviews Authors Mandy Walker & Richard Stevens

As you know MindBody Publishing is planning a series of video interviews with authors and writers to bring you a flavour of their work and the highs and lows of being a writer. We started off with Allison Parkinson who is a self-published author of Tiger Tale and others. We’d now like to introduce you to Mandy Walker and Richard Stevens who prove themselves to be a very dynamic poetic duo.

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It was all fun and laughter when I interviewed authors Mandy Walker & Richard Stevens. Down to earth, fun-loving and loquacious are all words that come to mind. And minds, well-being and mental health was the topic of the day and the inspiration for their book Rhyme and Reason A Poetic Journey.

Richard is Rhyme and he says the moniker 'Rhyme and Reason' came about following a line in one of his poems called 'Changes'…'You're the reason, you’re the rhyme'. He told me that the word reason has been used in his poems previously and in life as he loves reasoning and debate. He is a panellist in Jamaican sports shows on YouTube and is affectionately known as both 'The Reason Boss' and 'Poet Boss'! Richard ’s poetic journey began with “a pond, a duck, a ripple” ...memories from his primary school days. Already an author, his first solo book of poems is called 'A Maze Of Reason'. Their collaboration started during the first lockdown in 2019.

Mandy is Reason and says the name had a nice ring to it, and she thinks it suits them both although she sometimes forgets which one she is! Mandy comes from a social care background, but her love of writing poetry stretches back to childhood, and she writes for pleasure and escapism.

I found this a wonderfully enriching interview and I even had the pleasure of them each reading their own poems. Hearing an author read their own work brings a whole other layer to its resonance and meaning so it was a real treat.

We hope you enjoy watching the interview and don’t forget to subscribe to see more.

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