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What should I write about?

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Just write, don't think about it.

Whatever you are interested in, whatever pulls your heart strings, whatever you are passionate about just start there and type, write or dictate. There will always be loads of editing so get out of your own way and write what comes to you. Write for pleasure, purpose, or story telling time with your children, the main point is to start.

We are no experts. Far from it. We just like to dream.

My story is that I always loved reading and running to the library to change the books I got through (way too quick I think for my Mum or older sisters who would have to take me!). It was the escape into the story, feeling what they felt and experienced along with the cosiness of being curled up reading in bed or on the sofa.

In my teens I got into self development books as well as writing and performing poetry. I loved the mood which could be set by words. So, when I started my 'musings' as I like to call it (writing in word.doc), I took inspiration from some of my journaling throughout the years. From there, I tried to form them into scraps of books but poetry soon took off into songoetry (music with poems, another word made up around 1994!), performing regularly in London with a band. We even made it to perform at the renowned Jazz Cafe. Fun times!

Then life, career and business happened but I always pulled out the poetry pen for happy and sad occasions such as birthdays or funerals, until I had more time to devote to writing years later. Then I knew it was time to get stuck in, producing the first edition of 'Power Up for the Year'. Even then it wasn't perfect, I didn't have the time to do any promotions but it got small sales in our therapy centre and it also promoted the Power Up workshops I started doing at the time.

It is only now, when we are finishing off 'Healing Hugs' and redoing the 'Power Up' with the help of an editor (a VA and a great team in the businesses) that we can finally spend some time on this 'love'. I hope you stick with us on this journey as we still have loads to learn and write!


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