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Hug Yourself or is it safe to hug others now?

In these uncertain times of 'yes go ahead', 'no don't go ahead' we are all on tenterhooks wondering what we now can and can't do according to the easing of lockdown rules. Haven't we all just had enough and are ready to embrace the first family member or friend who we haven't seen or hugged in ages?!

We are all seeking stability but it is nowhere to be found and all our plans for big events or holidays seem to be teetering on the edge of a cliff. So, what can we do to feel better?

Well, we can start by hugging ourselves every day until we feel comfortable to give each other a good ole bear hug.

Mindful awareness while you hug yourself

So stop for a moment right now. Take a deep breath. Find somewhere comfortable to sit or lie down.

Breathe in steadily for six counts and out for six counts.

Breathe in healing, love, strength, thankfulness and breathe out any energy which no longer serves you, such as, feelings of revenge, anger, disappointment, doubt, fears and unforgiveness. Breathe in positive chi, meaning life force or one energy and feel that warmth, that aura all around your body.

Let's find things we CAN be in control of such as walking in nature, it is National Walking month after all! Walking is great for the heart, the mind, the soul and the spirit, releasing happy hormones into our system as well as topping up our Vitamin D and reducing stress. What are you waiting for? Find a new park, forest or woods and meet up with your loved ones at the same time, then maybe you'll be ready for that 'no awkwardness' Healing Hug.

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