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Hug Yourself and your family by growing your own food

Did you know it was National Growing for wellbeing week! This is a celebration of the magic that growing your own produce can do for your wellbeing, both physically and mentally.

Quite fitting on one of the warmest weeks of the year so far. All May we were waiting to put some tomatoes and vegetables into the ground but it just wasn't warm enough yet, so just yesterday we picked up some more plants such as kale, scallions, leeks, lettuce, things we like to eat (we have a herb garden already) to put into pots.

Are you growing any produce this year? Either way, are you feeding yourself and your family with love and hugs?

Snippet from the Healing Hugs book:

Hugging family can be like putting on a familiar item of comfortable clothing which we know we can always rely on to be there for us. If feeling low, we can always grab a Healing Hug, which can help to uplift our spirit.

Start booking 'time out' with family we can now meet up with and let's grab our hugs now!

The Calming Book of Healing Hugs, now available to buy on Amazon kindle and paperback version here.

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