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There is so much going on in the world right now, no wonder it is so hard to concentrate. Especially if we also have events, holidays, deadlines, writing to do, health issues, age issues or big decisions looming, we could well be suffering with decision fatigue.

It can be hard to make decisions if we are tired, hungry or feeling out of sorts. This feeling may seem like it comes out of no where but the after affects of the pandemic are reaching us all and many people are feeling:

· Worn out

· Fatigued

· Depressed

· Bored

· Fed up

· Disappointed - Had enough of recurring news when big decisions need to be made e.g. racism

· Overwhelmed

It is okay to feel this way. The main thing to do is talk about it. Someone asked me how I feel, the other day and it took many attempts to get to, not what I’m doing but how am feeling. I think we have all learned to carry on every day, getting on with it, pushing loneliness, isolation and anxiety away, that we may or may not even know how we feel. We just know that we’re kind of ‘off’ and doing something new, meeting friends, going out or dressing up may seem like an effort after not doing it regularly for months.

There is no fix per se but there are things we can do to help ourselves on a daily basis:

· Sleep as well as possible

· Eat well – take time out to prepare real food & eat mindfully

· Exercise regularly

· Take some time out each day to sit still, bringing in relaxation, being in the here and now

· Talk to someone, reconnect with family or friends

· Ring someone you haven’t spoken to for a while

· Plan ahead for the day, from the night before, to stay on top of things

· At least SIT at your writing desk to get into the ‘zone’

· Stop procrastinating

· When trying to make decisions, write it down or talk to someone to get clearer

Also, don’t forget to physically Hug Yourself!

When you’re ready to go again, one foot in front of the other, one step at a time, one job at a time, one piece of paper at a time. We got this.

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