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Building Life Muscles - paperback now available

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

We are launching the latest book from MindBody Publishing #BuildingLifeMuscles. This book will show you how to build the life muscles to enhance your personal growth, improve resilience and build emotional stamina while staying rooted, grounded and balanced. Throughout every microsecond of our day, we make mini choices on how we want our life to go. The Universe will contrive to make it happen. Every time we choose to change: to ‘do better, be better’, we build a life muscle. Karen and Devon have extensive experience of helping people to build life muscles, through building their own therapy businesses, working in the corporate sector and starting a social enterprise, building teams along the way. Many people over the years have asked how they did it, and in Building Life Muscles they share their tools and insights for looking after the mind, body, soul and spirit – and how to work together successfully as a team.

Available to purchase on Amazon

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