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Resilience - interview Int'l Womens Day

Updated: Mar 31, 2022


I had forgotten about this interview which was done this year to celebrate International Womens Day. Have a listen and hopefully something will resonate with you about resilience. Even though we covered many topics, I'm choosing this title as I am currently writing about this and I recently done a workshop on resilience as well. In the workshop, we also talked about putting certain items in our back pack of life when things get tough, such as:




Sense of humour

Inner strength






We all agreed that having these in our back pack, meant we could pull them out at any time we needed them in life. When we go for a long walk in the hills, we need water, snacks, a rain mac etc. as we wouldn't dream of going for a long walk without them. So lets fill up our back pack for life and keep going.

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