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Self development; Health & Wellbeing

Karen Burke is the co-founder with her husband, Devon Burke of the MindBody Therapy Centre in Forest Hill,London   Karen and Devon also run a social enterprise, T4H


Karen Burke is the author of Power Up for the Year and also the co-author with Devon Burke, of Healing Hugs (coming out soon), a book of tips and techniques on looking after yourself, expressing yourself with the ones you love and your communities within the wider world. 


She is passionate about expanding people's self awareness and power, ensuring everyone she works with, has that 'hug' they need when someone is in their corner, championing them; their career and/or their business. Her strengths include being inspiring, positive, implementer and multi-tasker. Her core values are integrity, honesty, loyalty and respect. "I hope I achieve this through all the people and businesses I work with by being supportive and encouraging".

Karen F Burke

ACMA, MAAT, DipPPC, Business Owner, Power Up Coach (Personal Performance & Business), Author, Speaker, Accountant

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